Our shopping trip to Adelaide

As a Melbournian who doesn’t get to travel Adelaide very often I was very excited to see what the famous Adelaide Central markets had to offer a die hard food and drink lover like our group.

We landed at the recently renovated Adelaide Airport, just near IKEA if you fancy a quick detour and we picked up by our friendly driver from Adelaide Bus Company.

Stan was our driver and we were pleased to finally meet him, we’d spent a long time arrange our Adelaide Bus Hire trip and we were glad to finally be standing on South Australian soil.

Adelaide has been developing a small bar culture lately, catching up with Melbourne for the coolest place to hang out in Australia.

The shopping streets of

  • Peel street,
  • Leigh street,
  • and Topham Mall (extension of Leigh street on other side of Grenfell st)

All have some very cool and modern, new bars and restaurants. It really is a happening place to visit at the moment.

There is a fantastic micro brewery closeby in the cbd called Lady Burra Brewhouse, wow the IPA was fantastic. Traditional favourite shopping street, Rundle street and Gouger st also have the own eclectic kind of bars and restaurants.

If shopping is not your thing, there is the usual art gallery, museum, botanical gardens options as well conveniently along the city’s beautiful north terrace.
It’s also possible hire free bikes kindly donated by Adelaide city council and ride through the majestic parklands alongside the Torrens river.

For a long time Adelaide was simply a stop on the way to its celebrated wine region or across to Western Australia, but the city has seen somewhat a rebirth of cafes, bars and an international focused arts scene, among other things drawing in crowds from the traditional must see places in Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne.

Adelaide is Australia’s unassuming city, a perfectly presented destination on the southern coast in the state of South Australia, it’s charms are regularly eclipsed by the bigger cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but you shouldn’t bypass Adelaide. Most tourists who take the shop hop on a plane to Adelaide are just stopping off on the way to nearby Kangaroo Island or South Australia’s 18 celebrated wine regions,

But you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice to ignore Adelaide. That’s because Adelaide is shining as a destination in its own right, and those who don’t stay to discover it’s charms are quite frankly missing out.

Thanks to the team at Adelaide Bus Company who organised our transport in Adelaide